About Us

Lowcountry Tile & Hardwood Contractors, formerly Lowcountry Tile and Stone, was started by Jim Durfee in 1999 in response to the need for quality tile work in a fast growing custom home market. The company took off right from the start due to great customer service, follow-up as well as superior work. After several requests from custom home builders needing a quality hardwood flooring company, we recognized the opportunity and started Lowcountry Tile & Hardwood Contractors.

We found our niche in the custom residential and light commercial market. It is a challenging, competitive and ever changing section of the industry that keeps us on our toes and never gets boring.

Lowcountry Tile & Hardwood Contractors has learned to adapt with the changing market in recent years. As our customers are staying in their current homes for longer periods of time in this economy, we have become more specialized in tile renovations and hardwood floor rejuvenation. We take extra time and care while performing this work as the customers remain living in their home.

  • We are also a licensed builder that understands the customer’s needs as well as detects potential obstacles in the building and/or remodeling process.