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"We first met Lowcountry Tile & Hardwood Contractors when they were recommended to us by our Real Estate agent. Needless to say, we made an excellent choice by choosing to work with Jim. He understood our goals and helped us stay within our budget. Jim identified a moisture issue underneath the home that ended up being a broken drain pipe that we would have never know about until the damage was done years later. They did an outstanding job on our floors, and we would highly recommend Jim and Lowcountry Tile & Hardwood Contractors to others."

Mark and Tracy B.
Mount Pleasant, SC

"I am very fortunate to have Lowcountry Tile & Hardwood Contractors as a source to refer my clients to. The people that I have referred to them have been extremely pleased. Jim is easy to communicate with, and understands the design process. Their jobs run very efficiently and the crews are concerned about the quality of their work. Jim’s help with laying out our challenging tile designs is much appreciated. I am very fortunate to have Jim as a friend as well as a referral source."

Kristy J.
Two Girls And A Design
Mount Pleasant, SC


"I first started working with Lowcountry Tile & Hardwood Contractors several years ago at the Romano Residence on Seabrook Island. Their attention to detail and their dedication impressed me. Their problem solving abilities to keep the job moving, and their flexibility around the conflicting schedules of the other trades helped make this job a success. Jim helped make this job an enjoyable experience. Since then, we have done several other jobs together with great results including my personal home."

Michael K.
Johns Island, SC

"We were very satisfied with the professional attitude and the quality of work that we received from Jim. We hired Lowcountry Tile & Hardwood Contractors upon a recommendation from a good friend. This being the first time building a new home, we had to partially rely on the experience of trades. Jim was able to help guide us on where to select our product, which products were most economical for us, and design ideas of current trends. Hopefully we will be building again and are looking forward to working with Jim and Lowcountry Tile & Hardwood Contractors again."

Charlie P.
Charleston, SC


"This is our 3rd project with Jim. Once again, we had a fantastic experience. His ideas and advice really made these projects seem to go effortlessly. He has a knack for creativity while managing his tile work. His crews were efficient and they paid attention to detail. We always recommend Jim to anyone wanting to upgrade their home."

Joe F.
Mount Pleasant

"We were extremely pleased with Lowcountry Tile & Hardwood Contractors. They did an excellent job every step of the way on our difficult remodel.

You can’t tell which hardwood floors were new, and which ones they repaired. They blended so well.

We will definitely be using them on our next investment property."

John F.
Charleston, SC

"Jim and his guys do a fantastic job. They helped guide us through the construction process as painless as possible. Jim took the extra time to bring in his plumber, place the tile order, and basically coordinate the entire project for us from start to finish. We received very professional help, information and patience with my wife who tends to be hesitant to make decisions. They were able to complete the job without disturbing my wife and my two daughters."

Dr R.
Charleston , SC